Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Best Mother's Day Cookies

My mom came to visit for 5 days over Mother's Day weekend. What a treat! She and I had nice down time together. I was able to rest a bit from work and she was happy to join me in that rest. We hung out, chatted, drank coffee, chatted, hung out, highlighted my hair, she made cookies with The Prairie Kid, and we hung out and drank coffee and then ate cookies too.

We managed to get one movie in and a puzzle done with The Prairie Kid. It was a nice couple of days.

On Mother's Day she made us breakfast and then we went to church. Afterward we took her to lunch and then for a drive. We were going to head up to Yellowstone but when we were just heading out of town she mentioned the South Fork. She hadn't been that direction yet so we turned around and headed up there. Later we found out what a blessing that was because an avalanche blocked the road out for many people in Yellowstone that day and it took them way off the beaten path to get home.
We had a beautiful drive up the South Fork. The weather was nice and the big horn sheep were still down in the valley for us to enjoy. We also got to see a new foal and her mommy. It was sweet.
After drooling over the beautiful homes, cabins, and landscape we returned to town. We picked up sushi and tempura to bring home because we COULD NOT MISS the AMAZING RACE FINALE! However, it depressed me and The Prairie Daddy greatly because the Cowboys did not win. And the Cowboys should have won. Sigh.
We did have a great time with my mom. I hope she'll come back soon! (Hint, hint)

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