Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Salt Rub

You know the expression about pouring salt in a wound?

Here is what I get to listen to, sing along with, and cope through these days:

♪ ♫"Kindergarten, here we come, HERE WE COME! Kindergarten, here we come, HERE WE COME! ♫ Preschool has been soooo much fun. ♪ Kindergarten, here we come, HERE WE COME!" ♪

Thankfully God has been reminding me to give HIM my focus and not focus on my pitiful self. : )

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Miss Brenda said...

Back in 1991 (was that before you were born?) my kindergartner sang, "We are the class of 2003; we're up and on our way. We're full of vim and vigor, for each and every day." 2003 sounded like an eternity from then. Focus on each day, and keep recording the things he says and does, because 2023 is closer than it sounds. Have a great day :)