Friday, April 2, 2010


We hosted a Passover Seder last night for Maundy Thursday with friends and church family. The neat part about hosting is the meditation throughout the day that I experienced as I prepared our home. I kept thinking about the Upper Room where Jesus shared the Last Supper with his beloved friends. I kept thinking about them making the preparations like I was. What a great time of reflection.

I learned this week that maundy means "new." I am so thankful for the New Covenant that Jesus made by becoming THE sacrificial lamb. The other night at the Wednesday church program we were talking about the crucifixion. I asked the kids to raise their hand if they would die like Jesus did for someone else. No one raised their hand. I can't blame them. And to think that Jesus did this for His enemies. We are so undeserving and I am forever grateful.

Here was the table set. More chairs to come... : ) The Prairie Daddy used these tools to remove the leaven (symbolic of sin) from the home
He actually burned the crumbs after he collected them with the spoon and feather

The Four Cups

The water and bowl and towel used to wash each guests hands

The Matzah...with piercings, stripes and bruises.

The middle one, the Affikomen, is broken, just like the middle of the Holy Trinity was.

The Four Cups with juice, the bitter herbs, salt water, eggs

The "host mother" (me) lights the candles and reads a prayer

We joined together in the cups

And eventually this leads to communion, which The Prairie Kid got to partake in for the first time because recently he became friends with God!

Today I am thinking about how as I type, drink my coffee, love on my son, and go about my day, Jesus was being tormented, beat beyond human recognition and put to death...for me. For you. For us all.

I wonder, have you accepted this greatest gift ever given?


Reba Rowe said...

So much work went into this Erin! It looks amazing. Great job!

Miss Brenda said...

I have a recipe for leftover matzo bread that involves chocolate. Let me know if you are interested.