Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I Am Not Ashamed

With a title like that you might think I will be talking about my faith again in this post. As much as my faith is the fabric of who I am this isn't a faith-based post.

It is all about Taco Bell.

This last year the two closest Taco Bells to us closed down leaving the closest one 2 1/2 hours away (this should be illegal)! I am not a fast food junky but Taco Bell is almost as important to me as chocolate (I said almost). And although I only ate it on a semi-regular basis (especially since the closest TB was hit and miss, mostly miss) now that it is gone I have been DEPRIVED.

In college at least once a week I would hit the TB drive through and eat a five pack of tacos and a large Dr Pepper in no time at all. My metabolism was such that I could do that regularly. Oh how I miss those days. I loved college. I loved my metabolism. I loved Dr Pepper.

And I still unashamedly love Taco Bell.

So, of course I was planning ahead for the trip to the "big city" this past weekend. I packed a cooler and ice packs and planned to order a bucket load (or should I say cooler load) of bean burritos (no onions) and soft shell tacos (no lettuce) to freeze and enjoy at home because these are cheap and would re-heat well.

Molly the Marvelous thought I was disgusting to be planning this. However, when we hit the drive through and she realized her family was TB deprived as well, she jumped in with me, both feet. I have a feeling her blog post title, if she had one, would read "I Am Ashamed." (When we got back from the trip her son saw our taco bell trash and whined "You had Taco Bell?" They were thrilled when they found out we had brought some home for them!)

I just popped the last bite of a bean burrito into my mouth as I wrote this post. And I am not ashamed. I am happy.

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