Thursday, April 8, 2010

Giving In

I am fine without a dog. I have a wall around my heart since losing our beloved Gus. It'd have to be one special dog to get me to let that wall down. The wall is thick and tall and has a sign on it that says "Warning: Views Dogs As A Chore." Dogs have to be fed. Dogs have to be let out. Dogs have to be let in. Dogs have to be played with, pet, loved, and taken care of. Dogs have to be taken care of when you leave for the day. Dogs have to be arranged for when you leave for more than a day. Dogs are a chore. Big, thick wall.

That's just the honest truth about where I am at.

However, just because I have a thick, calloused, protective wall around my wounded doggy heart doesn't mean I don't honor the desire and readiness that my guys have for the "right" dog. Jack, the last attempt, was NOT the "right" dog.

The Prairie Kid was told that after The Prairie Daddy's ultrasound season was over that we'd start looking for the "right" dog. The ultrasound season is winding up.

Here is our list for the "right" dog:
- Border Collie or Border Collie mix
- good with kids and cats
- not a runner; does not chase wildlife, cattle or cats
- 3 or 4 years old; definitely over the naughty puppy behaviors
- stays in the yard without being tied up
- house broken
- doesn't shed a lot
- not too high energy
- cleans up its own poop, does laundry and dishes (okay, just kidding, but I wish these were reasonable expectations)

Some people might read that list and think "yeah right, good luck finding that kind of a dog" but we know they exist...Gus was just this and so much more. Our brother's dog, Patches, is this and so much more too.

Today I was reading the classifieds and a gal going into the military is looking for a new home for a Border Collie. He is 4. He is house-broken. He is fine with cats. He doesn't chase rabbits. He doesn't shed too much. He comes back after being called. He is cute. (His name is Jack though...)

The animal shelter also has a Border Collie named Cody. He is 3. He is good with kids. He is fine around horses. He is cute too. He is house-broken, cage-trained, cuddles and plays tug-o-war. He has a blue eye. Here are the pics of him from the web:

Boy, oh boy, I might be in BIG trouble.

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