Monday, April 5, 2010

More Easter Fun

We had our traditional Easter lunch and egg hunt at The Prairie Daddy's parent's place yesterday. The "Hero" cousin (remember the high school athlete cousin?) hid the eggs for the other 3 boys. The Prairie Kid was the youngest by years and he was so excited!
You can't tell he's excited at all, can you?
He had to protect his loot
There were some hidden really well for the older boys
Grandpa tried to tell us there were "M&M's" on the ground...I thought they looked more like Milk Duds.
I said, "You first, Grandpa!" He declined. : )
How many men does it take to find an egg in a rafter?
There's one!
"7, 8, 9..."

There's one more out there! Hurry!
Family Photo Opp

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