Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spirit AND Soul Food

I had the joy and privilege of going to a ladies' retreat this weekend. Our denomination, Christian and Missionary Alliance, (aka CMA or The Alliance), has a district made up of Montana, Wyoming, parts of the Dakotas and Idaho. It was a gathering of a few hundred; a really nice size.

The schedule was great. It started on Friday evening, permitting plenty of time for shopping, dinner and more before beginning. Saturday there was a nice 4 1/2 hour free time in the afternoon for more shopping, rest, fellowship and whatever else a Rocky Mountain woman would like to do in Billings, MT. Sunday morning was our last time together and we had plenty of time to hang out, shop, eat, etc. (AGAIN!) before feeling the need to head home. It was so nice not to have a rushed schedule!

I felt like I needed the getaway. My job at church is still a bit of an adjustment and I was thinking a break, refreshing, and some awesome girl time was in order. I got all of that and more. What a sweet time. I traveled and roomed with my wonderful friend, Molly the Marvelous. We laughed, cried, shared, shopped, encouraged, challenged, teased, and enjoyed one another. It was good.

I enjoyed time with other ladies from our church and reconnecting with ladies from other churches that I have gotten to know and love through Kidz Kamp each summer. I made sure to put the pressure on them to return this June as well. God willing I will see them again in June and Molly the Marvelous is going to go this year! Yay!

I was glad to come home with God pressing things into my heart. I will share that with you in the next post. I would post a picture of our weekend together but Molly the Marvelous has the pics on her camera.

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