Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thursday Morning On The Ranch

I was disappointed last night when The Prairie Daddy asked me if I wanted to help move cows in the morning. I wasn't up for it because they were starting at 6 in the morning and I have so much going on that I knew I wouldn't be rested enough to keep up with my other stuff.

So, I woke up this morning and realized that they were probably all done moving cows. I was a little depressed but decided to enjoy some "God time" on the deck. As I settled into my chair the phone rang. The Prairie Daddy said that the cows weren't where they were supposed to be and wouldn't gather up and get going easily, and that they had still another hour or so to move them. He invited me to join in! I was thrilled that he even said he could get my horse ready.

So, I put on Wranglers for the first time in a year, pulled on my Fat Baby boots and headed out. I got to the buildings just in time to hop on High Noon and get to helping. It was a GORGEOUS morning to be out. We rode for a few hours and that was enough to make me remember how little I ride, and how badly the cowboys' saddles DON'T fit me.

I love how this picture turned out...

This is High Noon...he looks a little crazier in this picture than he is. : ) He is tall and a little slow but he has great reining training and turned well on the hind quarters.

I love the rows of bales in this picture...

We had two steep draws with water to cross...this picture doesn't do the depth justice.

High Noon doesn't like water and I had to hang on for dear life while he BOLTED over the drainages. Whew!

Quick rest as they got counted out the gate

The Prairie Kid "helping" as dad counts

Little Roper

Wow, the gate man is a hottie! ; )

The only photo of me for the day

Get along lil' doggies

Almost there!

Looking back toward our house...see that little brown speck in the middle-left?
Franc's peak behind our corrals and reservoir

My two amazing guys. I feel so incredibly blessed. And what a blessing to live on this land...

"Staff Meeting"

The Prairie Kid rode back part of the way with Uncle

Sharing the saddle didn't work for Uncle for too long

Another "staff meeting"
Needless to say, it was a treat to get to go help. And to get to sleep in too!

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