Thursday, July 14, 2011

Oh Yeah, We Went On A Trip!

I requested another overnight getaway for my birthday again this year. Last year we stayed in Yellowstone. This year The Prairie Daddy suggested that we go up into Montana and drop down to the North Entrance of Yellowstone. We stayed in a town just outside of the park called Gardiner, MT. Then the next day we drove through Yellowstone before hitting Cody for fireworks. We had a beautiful drive...

At the top of Chief Joseph Highway

Here is The Prairie Kid's photo of the hotel we stayed in
Sunset on the Yellowstone River in Gardiner, Montana

Here are the hot springs at Mammoth in Yellowstone

And while on the hiking trails around Mammoth we say this big bull snake

Petrified Tree

Yellow wildflowers covered strips of the mountains

A mama elk and calf

The brink of the lower falls
There was SO much water!

Here is a shot looking at the falls from another trail

Prairie Kid photography
We were a little silly by mid-afternoon...we were goofing off in the Lake General Store

We had a great trip. We didn't see any super-exciting wildlife, like bears or wolves, but it was a fun time to get away from "life" and spend some time together.

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