Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday Afternoon On The Ranch

As we headed off to church this morning The Prairie Daddy didn't like the looks of our heifers and a few bulls pressed up to the fence of the neighbor's fence with cattle on the other side. He declared that we'd have to get them moved in the afternoon.

When we got home from town we got ready and headed out to move them. It was a beautiful day out, although it was breezy and wasn't all that warm.

I haven't helped for awhile. I was a bit nervous. Thankfully, I got the count right (I started gathering on my own) and got them going in the right direction. Unfortunately, at one point I was too busy taking pictures to realize that they started heading off the hill (and they weren't supposed to!) I quickly got the camera pocketed and got back to work. ; ) Here are some of the pics.
Out to the road

I really like how this one turned out

Waiting for Dad

Heading into the corrals
Master is awesome to watch him. He got 5 bulls and 1 cow peeled out of this bunch. There were 49 heifers in this bunch too.

Rough view : )

So cute!

Out of the corrals with the heifers

Over the canal

All done!

Family pic with the timer
It was such a treat to get to go help today. I told The Prairie Kid when we got home that he is pretty blessed to get to do this kind of thing...not many kids would ever have the opportunity.

Thank You, Lord, for an amazing blessing of land and life.

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