Sunday, June 12, 2011

Seattle Fun 2

There was a graduation party for my nephew during the trip. It was nice enough outside for the kids to play for a quite awhile and my sister put on an incredible spread of food. It was nice to see friends and family. My step brother and his family came; I hadn't yet met their daughter.

Here are the two little girl cousins meeting each other

We teamed up with some other family members to give him a trip to Wyoming for graduation and revealed the gift through a homemade I Spy booklet

We got to ride on a ferry boat to his graduation the next day because he went to school on Vashon Island. The Prairie Kid loved riding on a boat.

My nephew is the tall kid walking under the flowers

After the graduation we headed back to Seattle and went to the area where my sister has her cafe. It was the day of the big carnival that happens there annually.

A happy boy at the Georgetown Carnival

My mom and her hubby

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