Monday, June 20, 2011

The Eye Of The Beholder

Let me introduce you to: Plains Larkspur (Delphinium geyeri Greene)

definition (as known by The Prairie Mama): beautiful purple flowers growing in the field behind the house that would make a beautiful bouquet

definition (as known by The Prairie Daddy): a toxic weed known to kill cattle

I asked The Prairie Daddy the other day if I could cut some of these beautiful flowers for the dining room table. He said yes. Not because he thought they would look beautiful on the dining room table, but because the ones I cut could not reproduce.

So today The Prairie Kid and I went out to cut beautiful flowers.

Yep, these are definitely beautiful flowers!

I understand they can kill cattle BUT look how beautiful they are!
I think even the dog thinks they're beautiful flowers!

The Prairie Daddy was working on irrigation and came by to say "hi"
Now what does this look like to you?
Beautiful flowers or toxic weeds?

Thankfully The Prairie Daddy doesn't mind toxic weeds adorning the dining room table. : ) And boy are they wonderfully fragrant too! (Smelly weeds, sheesh.)

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