Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Seattle Fun 3- Sunset at Alki

After the Georgetown Carnival I surprised The Prairie Kid with a little trip down to Alki Beach for the sunset. He had been so good all day, sitting through a graduation and all, that I really wanted him to get to do something fun to end his day. Plus, he had lots of energy to release! He hasn't gotten to go to the beach much in his little life, so it was fun to get to share this with him. It was a beautiful evening as well!

He played and played. It was so sweet to see him having so much fun!

There was also a street performer who set up to do a performance where we were at. It was fun.He had quite the mark that he showed us on his back after the tire stunt : (

He let the kids mess around with his hula hoops after his little show

And he was nice enough to take a picture of me and my sweet boy

I took a gazillion pictures (I bought a new little point and shoot digital camera on my way to Seattle so I was having fun figuring it out).

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