Saturday, September 24, 2011

Addition ToThe Yard

We recently were given a hand-me-down play set. The Prairie Kid thinks he has died and gone to heaven! He plays on it so much...sometimes even before we leave for school in the mornings.
He already broke in both hands for the monkey bars...big blisters that are now turning into callouses.

A couple of weekends ago The Prairie Daddy was making a roof for the top with some old feed bags. There was enough left over for a flag. The Prairie Kid told me what to paint and away we went.

Today the flag got hung up.

As it was being put up with a piece of wire, The Prairie Daddy said, "We might need to get a dowel."

The Prairie Kid asked, "A towel?"

"No, a D-owel."


1 comment:

Amanda said...

with all the wind you get, that roof may not hold up too long