Sunday, September 18, 2011


The Prairie Kid wanted to go riding a few weeks ago. It worked out on a Saturday that I had time to take him down to the barn. It was good because I was really able to work with him on what the tack was called, how to hold it, grooming, etc. We have a pony/horse cross named "Bart." He is no Jed but he is a good size for The Prairie Kid albeit stubborn.

On our way through the pens to the horses we stopped to say "hi" to the bum calves in the pen. They were hoping to find a bottle of milk in The Prairie Kid's back pocket. : )

Coaxing Bart out of the corral

My kiddo looked so small in the middle of all of these guys...

The others were eager to greet Bart and The Prairie Kid when we got back

Well done, Kiddo

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