Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Cleaning Otter

Gary Smalley, a Christian author/counselor coined four animal parallels to personalities years ago.  When The Prairie Daddy and I took the test in a Bible study, we found out a lot about ourselves.

Here are the four types:
Otter (otherwise known as a popular sanguine): Playful, spontaneous, social, etc
Lion (powerful choleric): Take charge, leader, practical solutions
Beaver (perfect melancholy): Worker bee, serious and purposeful, organized, detailed
Golden Retriever (peaceful phlegmatic): People pleasing, goes with the flow, doesn't like change

Well, I scored out to be an Otter/Lion.  The Prairie Daddy was a Beaver/Lion.  We both wanted to be in charge but in opposite ways!  When we used to work on the road together for our ultrasound business, I would get bored and tired of all the serious work and I would say, "Hey, can't you find your otter?  We can have fun while we work!!!"

I don't remember him finding his otter.

Today, the house needed a good cleaning.  The Prairie Kid owed me an extra chore for a bad attitude before school yesterday.  I picked sweeping.

We cranked some Alvin and the Chipmunks music and...a beaver project was made enjoyable by otter fun!
See, you CAN have fun while you work!  Too bad The Prairie Daddy wasn't around to learn!

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