Monday, May 7, 2012

Like My Dad

The Prairie Kid had his first "report" assignment for school.  We received instructions a couple of weeks ago and have been plugging away at it.

I found it interesting that it was on careers.  I remember doing a career junior high or high school.  He is six.  SIX.

So, he chose "rancher."  Reason?  To be like his dad. : )

I cracked up at one of the questions..."How much money do you expect to make with this career?"

I asked him.

He answered, "Ummm, like one hundred!"

Yep, he's SIX.  No concept on an annual salary...and I kinda like it that way.

Nonetheless, we had a great time plugging away on this project together.  The parents were allowed to help, even type out the text for the poster if desired.  I realized that if I did that in addition to the other pieces (like photos, cutting, gluing, etc) that were more my skill level than his, that it would end up being MY project and not HIS with my help.  So, I made him write out his own answers.

He went off to school this morning with his poster and will give a presentation at some point this week.  How did he get this grown up so fast???

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