Friday, August 17, 2012

Another Year

Today we celebrated The Prairie Daddy's and The Prairie Kid's birthdays with our local family.  It was a fun night.  A couple weeks ago I was driving down the road and talking to The Prairie Kid about what he wanted to do for his birthday.  This is the 2nd year that he has expressed that a family party is more important to him than a party with kids.  I asked him what he wanted to eat for that party and he specifically lined out the menu for me.  I made sure to write it down so that I didn't leave anything out.  Here is what he wanted:

Mashed Potatoes and Gravy
Caesar Salad
Red-top Jell-O Salad
 Cookie Bar Cake

We didn't really have a "theme" for the party.  We've done pirates, cowboy, sports and camo.  And really, that is still the main interests in The Prairie Kid's life.  I guess we could have gone with Legos, but I just used some fun things I had on hand around the house. 

Like mason jars and bandanas.

 And some fresh flowers that we already had.

 My Main Squeeze is the Grill Master
 He grilled these pieces of heaven to perfection...
 I have never made a "cookie bar cake" before...but I made the cookie bar recipe that The Prairie Kid wanted in round cake pans and stacked it with ganache in between and over the top.
 Not very fancy but it was tasty

And card reading...

 The Prairie Kid's cousin got him a much wanted chemistry set....lab coat and all!
We teased that all he needed was a pocket protector, pens and a calculator.
He must have been taking notes because a little while later he came into the room with a pocket full of pens.  
And the set came with these AWESOME goggles!
What a hoot!

Happy Birthday, Guys.  I love you dearly a million times over!

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