Monday, August 19, 2013

Fun Times With Great Friends

I gave The Prairie Kid some choices on how he wanted to celebrate his birthday this year.  When he was younger we either had a combined friends/family party or just a family party.  He has never wanted a kids-only traditional birthday party.  I thought maybe now that he is mid-elementary that would be what he would choose but I was wrong.  He wanted a family birthday party and a family-friends birthday party, meaning we would invite a few families, parents included.

The family-friends party took place yesterday at Beck Lake.  He wanted to have a water birthday, thanks to the awesome idea from family-friends.  Not everyone was able to join us but the crew that made it was fun!

We picnicked first
And then sang and enjoyed cake

And then went swimming/tubing

I love this picture...but the preschool sized life jacket is just cracking me up!
And the kids played and had a ball
And on the ride home we saw a beautiful, smoky sunset

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