Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Worth A Try

I made chore charts today for the first time in our home.  I hope they will help a certain 8-year-old boy be more independent with responsibilities.

We start school tomorrow.  I saw "we" because it feels like the school life dictates the parent's lives as well as the child's.  I am praying for The Prairie Kid and I to transition well to the new sleep schedule.  We have been putting him to bed earlier each night recently but he is still sleeping until 9am or later.  This is NOT a good sign!  Poor kid!  He is just like me...a teen's biological clock trapped in an 8-year-old's and 35-year-old's body!  Shoot!

I was amazed that when he saw the charts he seemed excited.  Really?  Excited over responsibilities?  No, not the responsibilities, but the car stickers and newness of the added "decor."

This idea was "stolen" from a friend.  She has a similar deal in her bathroom for each of her girls.  The black tabs are velcro and I hung this next to the door in our mudroom so it will be seen before The Kid leaves the house; it is the things he needs to do before heading out the door (getting dressed and eating aren't in it because he never forgets those!)

When he finishes the item he can flip it up and it will stay.

The other chart is what he needs to do each day, minus Tuesday when he has Bible study and Sunday, a day of rest.  He knows that the dishwasher gets emptied on an "as needed" basis as well.

We're also trying an "electronics free" school week this year to promote more reading, less TV and hopefully a better environment.  If The Prairie Daddy and I wish to have a family TV time in the evening then that will be the exception.  I am looking forward to eliminating the battle of "can I watch a show?"  : )

Here's to at least an attempt to starting out the school year with some routine!  Ready or not, we're starting!

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