Friday, August 16, 2013

What Just Happened?

I don't know where July and half of August has gone.  The beginning of the summer was slow and wonderful and then like a flash it is mid-August and school starts in less than two weeks!  What happened???

I don't even have that many pictures from July...or I put half of them on my laptop and haven't transferred them to my main photo file.  But here are a few...

Smoke rising from a nearby wild fire makes for pretty sunsets
The Hardluck Fire is now over 16,000 acres in size.  Makes for smoky, hazy days
The Prairie Daddy found a bunch of live trout in the irrigating pipe
He brought them home and we cleaned and cooked them
The Prairie Kid is growing up too fast and is now mowing the yard

What else happened in July?  We had my mom and her hubby visit for a week and then take The Prairie Kid home with them to Denver for a week.  We watched our friends and nephews show and sell their 4-H/FFA steers, went to the demolition derby, volunteered for VBS, got really sick and had to leave the VBS post the last two days, and headed out to Colorado for a vacation.  That post will be next.

Maybe I'll find some more pictures from July for another post!

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