Thursday, January 15, 2009

Augmented Locution

I have decided it would be a good idea to document The Prairie Kid's lingo. This is such a fun phase of lingual development. There are great twists and turns to sentence structure and they're too good to not record!

  • It is so normal for a little one to flip-flop words. The Prairie Kid is no different! Here is one that I have picked up on: Instead of saying "I didn't do that!" he says "Not I do that!" And when I have called him "Bubby" or another pet name he sometimes replies "Not I Bubby!"

  • Fully developed linguists would say "The other one." The Prairie Kid says "The nother one."

  • And did you know the his favorite instrument is a "Too-tar" (not to be mistaken for "guitar")?

  • Also, The Prairie Kid has such enthusiasm for his world that we are consistently hearing "That my favorite!" A trip through the grocery store is full of "That my favorite one, Mom! And that my favorite!"

  • My recent favorite: For a long time The Prairie Kid has been saying "last day" instead of "yesterday." Actually, it could have meant yesterday, tomorrow, last week, last year, etc. In a sentence it would go something like this: "Oh, yeah, I work with Daddy last day."
He has obviously been processing the fact that the rest of the world around him says
"yesterday." Of course, things take time and there are transitions so it would only make
sense that he is saying...


"Oh, yeah, I work with Daddy lasterday."

  • "Where it goes?" really means "Where does it go?"
  • "I want to do it by self."
  • "Mom, how do this shirt for mom?"means "How do I put this shirt on?"
  • "Ta-da-lah!" means ta-da!
  • Lots of kids go through the "why?" phase. The Prairie Kid is going through the "What that for?" phase. "What that towel for?" "What that ball for?"
  • Instead of saying "I don't want to" The Prairie Kid says "I can't like it!"
  • And he is still regularly saying "Oops-a-daisy!" along with "Oh my!"
It is so fun to get to experience his growth but in reality it all goes by so fast that when I don't capture it on video or write it down I forget so quickly! Sigh. Thank God for blogs...

And by the way, augmented locution means "greater or improving phrasing." I get a little bored with my post titles : )


diana said...

my family has a saying, 'words are hard'. it stems from a lot of silly things kids say. i said mow-lawnder, instead of lawn family has lots of stories they love to tell of the things us kids said wrong. i think its great that you are documenting them!

Amanda said...

I'm like you. If I don't write it down, I'll forget it. I'm trying to journal through my pregnancy since I haven't started scrapbooking it. I'll never get caught up with that.