Saturday, January 3, 2009

Old Dogs Can Learn New Tricks

I am really excited that I finally learned how to color a portion of a black and white photo on the computer! I know in posts long ago I wrote about GIMP 2. This is the FREE software I downloaded from online that is very comparable Photoshop. I have done a couple of Google searches for a tutorial on coloring a part of a black and white photo but I hadn't found anything that I could understand completely or had the patience to pursue. Thankfully some dear person uploaded a video on YouTube of how to do this and I figured it out!

Here are the photos I have played with so far:

These pictures are from our wedding:

Here is The Prairie Kid at 14 months old...oh where has time gone?

And this is my VERY pregnant and going-to-pop-any-day-now friend Faith the Fabulous (and looking fabulous!) sporting her home-converted Cruel Girl maternity jeans. These photos are from a shoot we did a couple weeks ago so that she can market her conversion to Cruel Girl and make millions (or at the very least harass the company for not making a jean for pregnant cowgirls).

So, the color on this next one isn't great but trust me, it is a HUGE improvement from my first attempt.

Hang in there girl...he's due in just 6 days!


wyofaith said...

I love your wedding photos! Especially teh blue sky one!

Beck said...

Beautiful job! I love 'playing' with pictures.

diana said...

thanks soooooooo much for the bday card, that was awesome!
oh and i've been meaning to ask you guys, are you going to come up and do ultra-sounding this year?