Monday, December 15, 2008

Breaking News From The Prairie!

I interrupt your day to bring you breaking news from the prairie. Please, brace yourself for this earth shattering news. I know many of you will find this utterly shocking. This may change lives forever. This may alter your perception of the world from here on out. You might need to sit down for this (because I know most of us really stand up to work on our computers).

***You should double ALL of the ingredients in a recipe when doubling it,
INCLUDING the flour***

I know, I know. Your life will never be the same. I may have just made things so much more difficult for your future. I apologize. However, to make up for the trauma I have caused I will post a few pictures below of why it is recommended to double ALL of the ingredients in a recipe.
This is supposedly a pan of green butterball cookies (minus 2 cups of flour)

Now, these are what green butterball cookies are supposed to look like...when all of the ingredients are measured appropriately:
See the difference? Have I convinced you yet that doubling all ingredients is really important?
And for the ginger cookies, I actually doubled it right the first time. See, I don't believe in making mistakes, I believe in making LESSONS!

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