Monday, December 29, 2008

Me? Looking Forward To A Schedule?

Did you lose your sense of normal during the past few weeks like I did? It is such a nice break from the monotony of a schedule but then I appreciate that schedule and long to return to it. I usually am one to enjoy change, variety, spontaneity, etc. however I like that within somewhat of a framework of the known. For example, I think it is a thrill to have The Prairie Daddy call me, just like yesterday, and say "I need your help doctoring calves in the field." But when we're done I know I can expect to return to the usual: cook and eat lunch, put The Prairie Kid down for a nap, etc. From Thanksgiving until 2 days ago there were not 3 "normal" days in a row. That is a long time!
We've had fun though. Our trip to Denver and So Cal, prepping for the holidays, a fun party with friends, and enjoying the company of my mom and her hubby for Christmas. My mom was a doll and treated me to "spa day" where we both went and got massages together. After our massages our hubbies met up with us in town and we went out for sushi and to a movie. What a treat!
The Prairie Kid was able to understand the whole Christmas thing more so this year. And I tried to pull in as much meaning and purpose that I could as we celebrated. He was most excited about three things: candy canes, Christmas trees, and the baby Jesus in any nativity scene. We went hunting for a tree together the first day my folks were here. It was so cold out since we've had the longest cold stretch I can remember. It stayed under freezing (and most days WELL under freezing) for over 2 weeks! So, we ventured out all bundled up. We just had a little jaunt to get to our tree.

Here we are in front of the tree that will soon reside in our dining room
I just love this picture of my man
And it was snowing just enough to really make it all seem picture perfect

Here is Abuelita (what The Prairie Kid calls my mom) and her grandson before ornaments

And the grand finale

The Prairie Kid enjoyed checking out the ornaments at his other grandma's house too...

And remember I said he loved the baby Jesus in a nativity?
I will do a separate post to include the fun pictures from Christmas Eve and Christmas. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday.

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