Friday, December 5, 2008

Oh, And By The Way, I'm At The Beach

I never mentioned that The Prairie Daddy and I booked our annual vacation last month. We decided that this year we would hang out in southern California. We drove to my mom's on Tuesday and Wednesday morning we kissed The Prairie Kid goodbye (and my mom) and flew to Santa Ana. My mom's best friend from high school (whom I call Aunt Terry) lives right off Huntington Beach and was gracious enough to have us stay with her. We enjoyed supper on the pier our first night. Yesterday morning we got up really early and headed north to Burbank. We went to NBC studios and got tickets for that day's taping of Jay Leno. We enjoyed crepes at Universal City Walk, went on a drive through Griffith Park, did an NBC studio tour and then went to the taping of The Tonight Show. The guests were Brian Williams, Kirk Fox and Common. It was awesome.

After the show we were invited to join the audience for the taping of two Carson Daly shows. That was fun also, but took a lot more time and wasn't as organized. It was interesting to contrast the two tapings. We headed back and ate dinner along the beach last night and crashed hard when we got back.

Today Aunt Terry is going to play "tour guide." We'll grab a nice lunch somewhere and tonight it is the country club Christmas party.

Tomorrow we will head east to Hemet to visit my grandma for a couple of days and then its off to San Diego to wrap up our trip.

We left home just in time to miss the temperatures dropping along with the snow. The low last night was 3 degrees! Sorry guys, its 70 here today!

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Beck said...

Sounds wonderful! We got back from L.A. just in time for the snow and freezing temperatures, what a shock to the system after wearing shorts the day before! Hope you have fun!