Saturday, July 24, 2010


We took the plunge.

She fits all of the criteria.

We've had her five days and it has been quite heavenly.

She is perfect for us.

I'm a gonner.

Her name is Sissie (or Sissy, we still need to pick up her papers). She is probably 5. She is a border collie. She is well trained, totally obedient, sticks around, and is sweet as can be. She does not chase wildlife. She ignores our cats. She is awesome with The Prairie Kid. She loves to be sweet and affectionate. She really likes to lay on her back when she thinks she's going to get pet.

She does like manure and needed a bath today. If that's as bad as it gets then we're already spoiled rotten.
This Spring I posted this list for the "right" dog:
- Border Collie or Border Collie mix
- good with kids and cats
- not a runner; does not chase wildlife, cattle or cats
- 3 or 4 years old; definitely over the naughty puppy behaviors
- stays in the yard without being tied up
- house broken- doesn't shed a lot
- not too high energy
- cleans up its own poop, does laundry and dishes (okay, just kidding, but I wish these were reasonable expectations)
She fits all of them accept she is 5, she nipped at a cows heels the other day, and she has yet to do any dishes. : ) We'll work on that one soon.

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Beck said...

She's a pretty girl! I hope it's a long and happy relationship you all have with her!