Monday, July 26, 2010


I am in a pretty intense season of life. Really, much of my life is intense. I think I welcome intensity in some strange way. I invite the uncomfortable, ask for the hard stuff, long for the growth that I know comes from it, and look for new challenges and direction. Call me crazy, I don't like to sit still.

And after I invite, ask, long and look, I often say "what in the world was I thinking???" And then I remember that this is what it takes: hard stuff...tough terrain...painful live the life that Christ called me to. Dying to self. Dying to the cravings of my flesh. Following the One who is worth following. I cannot say that it gets any better than this. Not in a fleshly, worldly kind of way. It is in a "there is life beyond, and much more important than, my flesh" kind of way.

In one week from today I will oversee the biggest project of my life thus far. And I am gently and faithfully reminded by the Father: "This is not about a project but about my people. This is not about you, this is about Me." Amen. May I stay in a place where I further die to myself and allow Him to prune the dead branches from my life. May I allow Him to continually take me where He wants to take me: more of Him and less of me.

I have often said that the busier we get the more we need to spend time with our Father. This is so true for me right now. I am savoring the time that I can withdraw to a place of intimate, individual time with my Father. I am so thankful for a Father that is capable of, and willing to, spend such time with a needy daughter. I am lost without Him.

And to know that He is capable of, and desires to, be in such relationship with every single person. What a mighty God we serve. The Most High. Indescribable, Uncontainable, All Powerful, Untameable. Amazing.

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