Friday, September 24, 2010

Psychological Analysis

I have taken note of a certain little boy's consistent desire to sort lately.

We went to the local Labor Day parade on Labor Day (go figure, the Labor Day parade is ON Labor Day!) They had TONS of candy for the kids watching. The best float is local family turns a vehicle into a dinosaur with a long tail. Periodically the dinosaur stops. The tail lifts. And, well, the dinosaur "dumps" a pile of candy. I am assuming the husband thought this up. I would have liked to have seen the wife's face when he shared his idea with her.

Okay, back to evaluation.

We come home with our HOARD of candy. We're home for about 30 minutes. I am busy in the house and not checking out what my son is up to. I am aware that he is at the kitchen counter doing something, well, I assume constructive. He is making "playing" noises so I am not suspicious of him eating all of the candy.

Finally, I check. And he has carefully sorted all of the candy and was playing with it.

He was obviously proud of his accomplishments, both receiving and then sorting.

Today I turned around to find the following game pieces, again, sorted. They were also, obviously, lined up and he was "measuring" them. I asked him how long they were. He took his time and very matter-of-factly answered "90 and 5 pounds."

So, what do you think? Architect? Engineer? M&M factory assembly line? Let me know what you think this sorting might mean for The Prairie Kid's future. Maybe the badge he is wearing is another piece of this. Hmmmm.

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