Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Right And Left

Ever since my concentrated journey through the tabernacle last week God has been answering prayers right and left. What an awesome, gracious, faithful, loving, lavish God. Here are some that He has been so kind in answering:

- We were praying hard for a full ministry team for our Wednesday night children's program at the church. Last week before the program's 2nd week began God provided the rest of the team and we're now full!

- My teaching certificate was up to expire on September 20th. The couple of months before this date I was starting to wonder how in the world I would get my remaining needed credits to renew. I do not have many teaching workshop opportunities since I am not teaching but I really wanted to keep my certificate. I kept asking God "uh, what do You want me to do?" "Uh, I know You know that my certificate is about to expire, do You have any workshops I should attend?"

Nothing. No answers. His silence made me a little nervous but I know better. I did my human part in looking for options. There was one but it was only going to cover half of my credit needs.

Two weeks before my expiration date I found out that my Beth Moore Bible studies count for CEUs (continuing education units). CEUs were exactly what I needed. I sent in my form to the organization that certifies the CEUs and 10 days before my certificate was going to expire I faxed the CEUs to the Professional Teaching Standards Board. I then filled out my renewal application, wrote them a fat check, and sent everything off with a prayer that God would take care of things.

I called the PTSB to find out how long I'd have to wait regarding my CEUs. She said she didn't know and to keep checking the website for updates. I checked day after day.

Yesterday my certificate was set to expire. I checked in the morning. No update. I checked in the afternoon. There it was! I am re-certified until 2015! And my Bible studies count toward my PTSB credits! I can't hardly believe how this all worked out!

- We firmly believe God told us to send our kiddo to school in another district. In that decision, we also felt that He didn't want me to have to drive 35 miles every day to and from. He provided a friend that we were able to hire to cover the times we needed. Everything has been working out great. Until yesterday. We found out that our driver wouldn't be able to do this anymore at this time. As of today God has already provided a morning driver and a driver for one of the 2 afternoons. I have another person in mind for the 2nd afternoon. I think we're all set again.

"How great is your goodness,

which you have stored up for those who fear you,

which you bestow in the sight of men

on those who take refuge in you. " Psalm 31:19

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Jessie Allen said...

That is totaly awesome that you Beth Moore Bible study counted! That is just incrediable. My cousin and I are going to do one of her bible studies together.