Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Walk Through His Dwelling Place

This morning I sat down with the Lord for my quiet time. I felt bad because I didn't even start off with praise but need and desperation.

I recently finished studying the tabernacle and He is using that as a way to walk me through the steps that I need in order to enter the Holy of Holies. The first thing He did was remind me of the altar of sacrifice. He reminded me of the piles of horrific, smelly sin that I have committed. And He reminded me of how He burned those up and took care of them for me through the sacrifice and blood of Jesus. He humbled me and reminded me of who I was and who He is.

At the wash basin He revealed the mud that I have recently walked through. He took me through quite a long list of confessions. I felt overwhelmed and He had me get out the Steps to Freedom In Christ by Anderson. Through that I was able to thoroughly evaluate the areas I had given the devil a foothold.

When I was "mud-free" He invited me into the Holy Place. He took me to the lamp stand and reminded me of the free-flowing Holy Spirit. Always watching; growing me and shining His light to dispel the darkness. If I hadn't of camped at the wash basin until I was clean, the oil (Holy Spirit) in the lamp stand (me) would not be free-flowing. He was now free-flowing again.

At the altar of incense I was ready and God-confident to present my requests. Knowing that He desired to hear them and answer them now that I was cleaned up once again. He answered me clearly and faithfully. He revealed new answers to my petitions as well as how He had already answered some of my requests. I was confident He had heard my prayers and would answer those that had not yet been answered according to His will.

He then invited me into the Holy of Holies. I worshipped. He renewed my spirit and reminded me that my sin will hinder this special relationship that He designed. I felt such relief that He faithfully restored me this morning. The first thing He did for me after that time with Him was show me another answer to a prayer. He reminded me that He wants to bless His people...our disobedience can hinder. My disobedience had hindered.

His Word to me this week is "I am yours, and you are Mine. My banner over you is love."


Anonymous said...

love love love it!! ;)

Anonymous said...

this is awesome and exactly what i needed to read today!