Monday, January 30, 2012

New Sight

Oh goodness! What happened? It's almost February and I haven't blogged since December 9th!

Well, let's get caught up!

In December, The Prairie Kid told us that he had to squint to see things far away. I took him bowling and noticed he was REALLY squinting. The next week we had an appointment for him and 2 days later he was in new glasses.

I felt bad that we didn't know he couldn't see! His vision was pretty bad! Thankfully we got on top of this and he can see again. : )

I was also really thankful that they let us bring home different glasses to decide which ones we wanted. We took these pictures:

It was NO contest for me! HANDS DOWN, 150% these pictures showed me THE pair that we were going to pick out. Thankfully, The Prairie Daddy agreed and The Prairie Kid accepted the choice.

And, in 30 seconds flat my 6 year-old turned into a 30 year-old business man (in pjs).

I thought I would have a really hard time adjusting to my "new son" but after a day or two I was over it and we're normalized again. Although, I do have to say those glasses REALLY get in the way when I am trying to kiss his face off.

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