Monday, January 30, 2012


On December 31st we took off to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico (aka...a piece of heaven on earth!). We met up with my mom and her husband and my sister and her family. We excitedly planned for our older sister to arrive the next day so we could surprise her for her 50th birthday.

My family, thankfully, doesn't do anything without adding a little (or a lot of) flavor. We couldn't just have an "ordinary" surprise. We had to have a GRAND surprise! (As if Mexico was not grand enough!) We spent weeks discussing options.

We came up with this...

My husband (aka. Creeper) went over to my sister and her partner as they walked into the main plaza for lunch. Creeper went over to my sister's partner and said, "will you take my family's picture? " He hurried her over our direction. I could see the look on my sister's face. It said something like "who is this weirdo? " She hung back waiting for this "weird moment" to end. And as she looked our direction and saw this "weirdo family" all dressed in funny felt and wigs she recognized The Prairie Kid! And she was in SHOCK that this weirdo family was HER family! In Mexico! Surprise! Happy Birthday!

Oh my gosh, he's SO creepy! And SUCH a trooper!

I just don't know why she thought we were weird! Especially my step dad, in the platinum wig. Or my soon-to-be brother-in-law in the sandy blond mullet. Or my Creeper hubby. Or my son, the mad scientist. Weird? What???
From this point on we had a great week in Mexico enjoying each other, the beach, the food, tennis, the food, each other, and did I mention we enjoyed the food??? The weather wasn't the best but we still had a great time!

Our villa was the 2nd floor

The stairway view up to our patio
Inside the villa

There were these big rodents in the trees as we walked to the plaza called Sereque
Poolside Nap

My guys enjoying the water

One of my favorite beaches in the world!
Our last dinner out...
Anyone hungry for some fish?

I didn't want to leave my beloved Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. But I will be back! And I am thankful we were able to celebrate my dear sister together as a family in such a great place!


Tom and Jen Loveland Family said...

It was so great to find your blog! So fun! What a great surprise for your sister. :)

Amber Clark said...

Dont you just love it down there? We own a condo in Port Aventura which is very close to Play del Carmen. Its so beautiful down there. Maybe we will see each other on vacation some year!