Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Heart

I wasn't sure how Valentine's Day would go this year. The Prairie Daddy left town yesterday morning for ultrasounding cattle and he'll be gone for almost 2 weeks. I wasn't really looking forward to having Valentine's without him but I figured The Prairie Kid and I would do something fun. I asked him if he would be my "date" and he said yes.

It turned out to be a fantastic day! : )

It started off with a special heart-shaped banana caramel pancake breakfast with The Prairie Kid. While we were getting ready to go The Prairie Daddy called and told us to look in the back of a filing cabinet drawer in the office. Lo and behold, there were two cards and a wrapped box of chocolates!

We had a sweet time together driving to school/work. And while I was at work a delivery came for me...flowers!!! Prairie Daddy, you have swept me off my feet!

My "date" and I went to the movie store and then came home. After homework we sat down to a dinner of crab, shrimp, avocados and Caesar salad. It was heavenly.

Isn't my date cute???

Then he got a couple more presents

Look! Seaweed! (He was excited!)

We topped the day off with Happy Feet. Oh, and some chocolate mousse. : )

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