Saturday, February 11, 2012

What A Hoot

There are not very many things I love in this world more than getting to surprise and treat someone. This last week my friend gave perfect opportunity for these treasured activities...she had a birthday. : )

We surprised her with a dinner party at my home. It was so much fun to decorate and prepare and think of her all throughout the week. She is a wonderful lady and I am blessed to be friends with her and work with her on the Moms Together leadership team. We've been friends for 8 or 9 years now. We worked together at the Meeteetse Rec District years ago. We've shared many laughs and many tears together. We've gone through 4 pregnancies and births together (she has 3 beautiful boys). We've gone on day-long road trips, horseback rides, shopping adventures, and a couple over-nighters to Billings for Beth Moore and also the Lipizzaner stallions. We've both opened our homes to kids in need of "temporary parents" and a place to live.

And we both love the Lord more than anything.

Happy Birthday, Friend! It was so much fun celebrating with you!

The theme was owls.

Her husband was in on the surprise and helped us pull it off without a hitch. It was great!

We had a fun dinner
She is an avid reader and we figured she'll need another birthday party next week because she will have finished reading up these new books already!

The birthday girl's youngest cutie and another friend
None of us objected to having her favorite dessert...creme brulee

We laughed our hearts out and had a great time celebrating our dear friend.


mummers said...

The Birthday Girl's Momma is really thankful that her girl has friends like you - thoughtful, creative and rockin' the fun! And thanks for Eli's pic. Haven't seen him since last fall. I do believe he has Faith's eyes.

Amy Berti said...

I want to be your friend!!! Very fun party - Molly Graybill's sister, Amy