Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Jesus, Please Put A Baby In Mommy's Tummy

Yes, The Prairie Kid has been asking for a baby brother. I told him that he could ask Jesus for this and that he did. His local little buddy just got a baby brother and I think The Prairie Kid is experiencing one of his first true bouts of envy.

I think its a great desire for him to want a baby and I know The Prairie Daddy and I share that desire. We believe God promised us another natural child but He never said when! I had to let go of my fantasy "2 kids in 2 years" and then my "compromise" of "2 kids in 3 years." I used to think it would be best for my kids to be close together. I finally surrendered my "best" and plans to the Lord and admitted that He knows what is best and perfect for us. So, if I don't have another baby for 20 years and that's His best, then oky doky! However, we are told in the Word to ask, seek, knock so we continually pray for this area in our life. And now The Prairie Kid has joined in those petitions.

God never said the waiting process would be all fun and games. But The Prairie Kid likes fun and games and is exhibiting some fantastic coping skills. Enjoy this video of The Prairie Kid finding a "substitute sibling" for the time being...


Amanda said...

Sometimes we just have to surrender to our "ideals" and the "magic" happens. I'm a perfect example of that, and it sure didn't take us long. I'll be joining your jr. in prayer. Have fun while you're in Denver. Say hi to Jason if you see him around there.

Beck said...

Tade will be a great big brother, and then Fluffy won't have to play Candy Land anymore! How cute! I wanted another baby for a while before Chris was actually ready, I thought for about a year it wouldn't happen. Once Max joined in the praying things started to change and it was so good for him to be part of the process. I think it caused him to feel a real ownership of Maggie, in a good way. Not to mention built his relationship with God. We'll join Tade in praying too.