Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Practicing Big Brother

The Prairie Kid is practicing for when his prayers are answered. He will be the best big brother ever. He practiced the whole time his little nephew was with us in Denver. Here is a little synopsis of his training:

"Let me help you try to walk"
"I will share my toys with you!"

"I can help you blow out your candle!"

"And eat your cupcake!"

"Wanna go for a walk? I will take you!"

Other things The Prairie Kid did in practicing to be a big brother were not recorded by a camera but very important. He didn't want to miss a single diaper changing and was such a dedicated trainee that he gagged his way through the poopy diapers without quitting! He also made sure that his little cousin knew that he was being too loud and should stop crying. He told him what he could touch, and what he couldn't touch. It was great!
Well, now The Prairie Kid just gets to learn some patience like the rest of us before he can truly put his training to work!

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