Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Who Says I Don't Already Have Two Kids?

My mom lives a short walk from a well-known restaurant that has a petting zoo, playground and pond. It is such a nice thing to have close to take The Prairie Kid on a quick outing. But as you will soon learn, The Prairie Kid is not the only one of my boys that likes to go on this outing.

The Prairie Daddy does too.

Here is The Prairie Kid enjoying the horses that are around the playground...

And here is The Prairie Daddy enjoying them too.
Don't you think my cowboys look good on their steeds?
And The Prairie Kid was testing out the playground equipment... And so was The Prairie Daddy.
Here they are playing well together...
They both are fed the ducks...
The Prairie Kid also fed the sheep and goats
And the sheep soon realized that the little guy didn't have any food but maybe needed some companionship.

It is kind of funny to me that us "ranchers" are taking our little cowboy to the petting zoo when we're in the city! But hey, we aren't raising any sheep or goats now are we?


Beck said...

I'm glad you and your fella's had such a good time. It is kind of funny that you found farm animals in the city to visit!

Ali and Ben said...

Is that White Fence Farm?

wyofaith said...

Wow- the little guy is BIG! THat's a killer tree house!