Friday, February 27, 2009

Larry, Moe, And Curly

This is a special post...dedicated to all of my local girlfriends.

You have heard me talk about my naturally curly hair. You have heard me complain about my naturally curly hair. You have asked to see my naturally curly hair. I have refused to honor your request. I have coveted all of your get-out-of-the-shower-and-get-on-with-your-day-with-wet-to-beautiful-dry-hair dos.

Here is your chance too see my hair a little more natural than usual. When I went and got my hair cut today I told The Infamous Vi, "what do you think about sending me home curly?" She replied, "give you a perm today?" My response "NO! I just mean style my hair with my natural curl. I am just going straight home so it doesn't matter what it turns out like."
Well, girls, before I show you I have to tell you that if you really like this and think that I should go like this all the time...I do not think I can replicate this. This was not a "get out of the shower, pick through my hair and go" hair-do. This was a very carefully blown dry look that Vi did being able to see my wild cowlicks and curls from above as she worked.
Okay, are you ready? This might be a "once in a lifetime" opportunity!

There you have it. It is true. My hair is naturally curly.

I am really thankful for hair dryers and straightening irons.


Beck said...

I really like it! I never would have guessed your hair is curly, it's always perfectly straight. I can never get me hair as straight as you do, you must have it down to a science!

wyofaith said...

Wow! I love your curly hair too! Even when you had long long hair it was always beautifully sleek and straight.

wyofaith said...

Ps Your eyes are the perfect blue- they are so gorgeous in pictures. (they are gorgeous in real life too, but they really stand out in all the pictures I've seen of you)