Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Prairie Family Returns

I will begin where I left off...

My dad's birthday dinner at Mu Lan was great. It was less emotional than we expected and the food was as good as we remember. My sister and I got a kick out of "re-living" the decor and things we remember about the restaurant (which hasn't changed a bit). I am so glad we all decided to do this.

My mom got a yucky stomach bug on Saturday and I felt yucky on Sunday, missing the entire open house that we had planned. That was awful. Thankfully, Monday I felt better (and my mom felt better Sunday but the poor thing was hit much harder than I was). We wrapped up our time together with a great round of a new game that we got called "Last Word." It was so much fun!

The Prairie Daddy and I were planning on leaving my mom's this morning and getting home this evening but we got a wild hair and left yesterday afternoon. We pulled in around midnight last night and managed to muster up the energy to unpack. Today was a treat to get a lot of paper work for our business caught up. It makes the whole week a whole lot easier to have this extra day at home because The Prairie Daddy hits the road again Thursday for 3 more days of ultrasound. The next few weeks will continue to be on the wild side.

While we were in Denver we decided to celebrate my little nephew's first birthday a little early since we won't be there in March when he turns 1. Grandma got him some cupcakes and he got his first "sugary treat" because his mommy and daddy hadn't yet allowed him sweets. They were great sports and let him indulge a little bit but were wise enough not to let him have the whole thing.
Mmmmm...sugar is good....

And taking away sugar is not good.....

It was such a great trip but it is always good to come home. I missed our bed and the privacy I have out here in the middle of nowhere. I knew we were back in Wyoming when:

- I realized it had been 20 minutes before we saw another car on the highway.
- There were mice and bunnies running across the road
- I could see the brilliant night sky once again and not just the glow of city lights through smog
- The wind came blazing across the prairie and through our house when I woke up this morning.

I have more pictures and stories for separate posts so you can look forward to more Prairie News soon!

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