Thursday, August 27, 2009

Adventures Up North

On The Prairie Kid's birthday we headed north. The Nephew was flying out of Billings the next day and we thought it was a great opportunity to celebrate as a family. We were celebrating the 4th birthday of The Prairie Kid and the accomplishments of The Nephew living with us and working on the ranch this summer. It was bittersweet.

We started out at Fuddrucker's. The Nephew hadn't ever been there and it was the perfect start to our trip. Afterward we checked out the ducks by the pond at the side of the restaurant.

Then we headed to Geyser Park...a family fun center. We had a blast! We were able to golf 18 holes of put-put.
Here is The Birthday Boy and his pink ball (of course)
Serious Contemplation
Uh, Where's The Ball?

And then we took advantage of the bumper boats!

And then the go-karts...

I did drive one too but bailed out early so that I could snap some pictures. This is not my favorite thing to do because I am SCARED! I always think I will roll them and I drove like a grandma! I bet the guys working there probably hadn't seen someone drive so slow!!!
We went inside and enjoyed a game of laser tag and then hit the arcade.

And before we left we played laser tag again! It was a blast! We checked into our hotel, ran some errands, went out for BBQ for dinner and then went swimming before hitting the pillow and sleeping like babies!
The next morning we took The Nephew to the airport and sadly said our goodbyes. What a great summer had with you, Nephew. We love and miss you!

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