Thursday, August 27, 2009

Where To Begin Again...

I have several posts that I would like to put together. These last weeks have been such a roller coaster and so challenging that I don't quite know how to post about it all. I will start with a general update and then I think we'll break it down from there.

We had a wonderful trip to Billings last week for The Prairie Kid's birthday and taking The Nephew to the airport. It was by the grace of God (and the ceasing of the detox) that I had the energy and health to truly have a fantastic time. That post will come soon. Unfortunately, I decided to try one of the detox pills again when we returned and that proved to be a really, really bad choice. I got violently ill and was completely down for 2 days because of it. We were very close to needing to take me to the hospital but thankfully God gave me the strength and hydration to not have to.

Whatever problem was lingering in my body came back with a vengeance during the weekend. Again, by God's grace and sustenance I made it through The Birthday Party. Another post on that.

On Tuesday The Prairie Daddy and I decided enough was enough and we headed to my naturopath 5 1/2 hours one way. Every three months I am able to see him in our area if I need to and he comes next week again but we decided it was wise to just get down there and see him right away. (La-La, if you're reading this I thought about you the whole day and wondered how we could have pulled off seeing you. We ended up having to eat quickly and leave right away after the appointment. I miss you so much and hope to plan a visit in the near future).

It took him awhile to figure things out but then he definitively said he found the issue. I have a strep infection in my kidneys! Thankfully he had everything on hand to get rid of it and I started on the remedies right away. I received much mental relief and hope from getting an answer.

I feel better during the days but nights are still really hard. I am hopeful that every night will get better.

My next post will be about the spiritual connection to all of this.

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