Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Concert On The Prairie

My sister's birthday is today. The Prairie People were feeling sad that we aren't there to celebrate with her in Seattle. The nephew typically would be around for her "family party." So we got to brainstorming and put together a special birthday video for her. If you don't remember, we did a really special dance for The Nephew for his 16th birthday last fall. ( Well, he's decided to join in the family tradition of making fools of ourselves to entertain someone on a special occasion. And honestly, I think The Nephew is the most talented! He is such a good actor and totally cracked me up when we put the video on the computer and watched it.
Even if its not your birthday, we are willing to entertain you too. Have fun! And Happy Birthday, Sister. I love you so much and consider you one of my best friends! SMMMMMOOOOCH!


Shannon said...

I love to so much to and I am still flying high from this video:):):)

Shannon said...

Wow, what I meant to say was "I love you too so much..."