Monday, August 17, 2009

As Of Late

I have still been more under the weather than I would like to be. I have not stopped praying for healing. God's timing is perfect. I have not been to "the big town" for 2 weeks. I have actually left the house twice in the last two weeks to take big adventures to the post office. After a nasty relapse this weekend I have ceased taking the slew of homeopathic remedies I have been on to get a bit of relief. I am on all of these remedies in hopes to detox my body of a possible parasite or bug that has caused a hidden infection and issues with my blood sugar. Detoxing something like this isn't easy...I can now attest to that personally.

This is a big week for our family...The Prairie Kid's birthday is Wednesday, The Nephew leaves on Thursday, The Prairie Kid's best friend's birthday party is on Friday, and The Prairie Daddy's birthday and combined party with The Prairie Kid is on Saturday. Whew. I am hoping to gain back a little more energy every day. Today was good. I was able to clean house and bake the cake for The Party for Saturday. There will eventually be another post on that.

The other day God blessed us with this beautiful double rainbow outside. I thought you'd enjoy seeing it too.

Today was a treat for The Nephew. The Cowboys had to move cattle and The Nephew got to saddle up for the first time this summer. I am so glad he got to do this while he is here! I was able to grab some pics while they moved the yearlings past the house.

Before they left I had to take a few pictures of The Prairie Kid and The Nephew. Although they were not the best of friends all summer, I know The Prairie Kid will miss his cousin. I wonder if he'll keep trying to fight over who sits where...that has been the on-going "issue" this summer.

My brother-in-law and The Nephew rode horses to move the yearlings

That's "my" horse, Dually
And The Prairie Daddy and Kid rode the 4-wheeler

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Shannon said...

Great pics! Wish we were there...:(