Monday, August 10, 2009

Back In The Blogging Saddle

Hello again. I have not posted for a bit because I have been really under the weather. I am starting to feel like the end is in sight and at least today I woke up feeling a little bit better. Without getting into all of the details, this week has been both physically and spiritually challenging and exhausting. At some point I may feel inspired to share more in depth but for now all I can say is when you really cry out for the Lord to search your heart and reveal any wrong way in you then you'd better be ready to buckle down and deal. I have prayed this many times, over and over, asking and knocking, seeking and searching. God's timing is a mystery but perfect nonetheless and He revealed. I believe that He also has allowed my physical issues to parallel the spiritual.
But, like I said, I am not really wanting to get into the details at this point. My process is not quite finished. However, I was feeling better this morning; enough to get out the camera and "catch" The Prairie Kid being his cute self.
I was hanging out behind him on the couch while he got to watch Sesame Street. A scene came on that included a horse and The Prairie Kid went running to adorn himself with his cowboy hat. He stood up close and watched.

My Pajama Clad Prairie Cowboy
The scene progressed and The Prairie Kid decided he needed his horse as well...

He likes to knock his own hat off as he rides, as if the bronc was going so wild and fast that he loses his hat in the arena!

And then, it was time to add the chaps and "buck out" that bronc!

Who knew that Burt and Ernie could bring out the inner cowboy so readily?


Beck said...

Sweet! I love the world of imagination kids live in! I'm glad you are feeling better and look forward to, when you are ready to share, hearing about the journey God is taking you on.

Michelle Wagers said...

I am so glad you are starting to feel better! I will continue to pray as you navigate this spiritual journey. You are an amazing person and I know God has great things in store for you.