Friday, July 31, 2009

Sportin' Some New Bling

It has been a great week on The Prairie (even though it feels like October with cold weather). The Prairie Kid has been getting to go to VBS at the local church in the mornings. He has had fun and seems to be at an age where he can go along in the institutionalized fashion that we hope our preschoolers can manage. We will go to the VBS at our church next week so he'll get plenty of VBS before summer is over!

On Wednesday night we had a family dinner at Mom and Dad's place to wish a nephew a great journey to Japan. He graduated from college this Spring and has accepted a job teaching English in Japan. Grandpa got out some special presents he's been collecting over the years for each of his 15 grand kids (and I told him that we'd try to produce some more to keep him collecting!)

The Prairie Kid was thrilled with the special he is showing it off

Here is the special present...

And he just recently inherited the sweatshirt (which is from Grandpa's ranch) from a cousin

Check out the attitude!

Two weeks ago I was mourning the loss of nap time. All of a sudden The Prairie Kid was no longer napping. I have decided that it is healthy for everyone (okay, for me) that he have some "room time" when he used to nap so that I can be a sane mom. So, yesterday he played toys in his room and 45 minutes later I slowly opened the door to the room, which had silence on the other side, and found this...

I like wears out my kid!

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Miss Brenda said...

Isn't he precious when he is asleep? (I miss naps so much I took one myself the other day.) My daughter and her East Coast boyfriend are coming to visit later this month. Maybe time to shoot some rodents????