Monday, July 20, 2009

Prairie Life

We got to go prairie dog hunting yesterday afternoon. The Nephew is quite the shot! A storm rolled in and chased us home. Thankfully this time we actually beat it. Afterwards there was a beautiful segment of rainbow beaming out across from the house.
This morning The Prairie Kid decided he needed to play "radio" so he got his spurs out and beckoned for me to join him outside. He wanted to rope a box or the dog. I reminded him that he had a stuffed steer and we made a make-shift lasso out of Jack's longer leash.
Later we were previewing the Rodeo Bible Camp DVD and watching the bull riders. The Prairie Kid made the comment that he wants to do that when he's "bigger." That's not what a mama wants to hear!


diana said...

yeah, no one wants to hear that their baby wants to 'radio' when they are bigger!

and new blog layout again! love it!

Miss Brenda said...

Shooting rodents without me? Here in NYC they have them as an exhibit in the zoo! No shooting allowed. :)