Saturday, July 18, 2009

Clever Cat

I am raising a clever cat. I have told you before that he is resilient too. His will is impressive. Scary for his mother, but impressive. If he wants it, he goes all out to get it.

This morning I was still sleeping when I heard fast pounding footsteps across the floor above me and then the front door slam (our bedrooms are in the basement). I got up to see that The Prairie Kid's door was open. I knew he was headed out to play in his sand box so I went back to my bed. A bit later I heard funny noises. I thought there was scratching on my door. But then I realized the noises had moved upstairs. I got up. What is my Clever Cat up to?

He had drug his heavy, big bear up the stairs to use as a stool to get to the...

...snack cabinet open...oops! the camera noise let him know I caught him!
Not so much a guilty look, more like "hey, I was trying to get into stuff and you ruined it!"
I did help him get his "snack" and let him know he could ask me for one next time.
As I am sitting here typing he is standing next to me looking at the pictures. He just said, "Mom, was that a bad idea? A good one or a bad one?" I am glad my resilient, willful Clever Cat is processing decision making. I am all about resiliency and will...used for a good purpose and headed in the right direction!

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