Friday, July 17, 2009

Retirement Planning

I have a new saying. It is a revamp of the old expression "like waving candy in front of a kid." I guess I actually have three new versions but I will put it all together into one:

"It's like waving money, chap stick and gum in front of The Prairie Kid."

We were over at CWAM (Cowboys With A Mission, formerly Western Frontiers) on Monday. We were dropping off The Nephew for a backpacking trip. (He will be home this afternoon and I am so excited to find out how his week went!) Anyways, The Prairie Kid wandered over to my friend's home and he played there for a little while. The next day I found something in his pocket...

My friend happens to be Canadian and just got back from visiting her family two weeks ago. I haven't yet asked her where The Prairie Kid found this. It is funny but not so funny. I think when The Prairie Kid has to give it back and ask for forgiveness it might help ease the temptation next time to pocket some dough.

I guess my kid knows the value of money across the doesn't even have to be familiar American money for him! Maybe this is the precursor to him having enough money to take care of The Prairie Daddy and me when we are old. : ) Or maybe he'll want to provide the money to send us traveling all over the world. Hey, it doesn't hurt to dream a little. A wise woman once told me "if you don't have your dreams then they can't come true." Many of the desires of my heart were my "dreams" and they have come true!

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