Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ranch Rodeo

Today is the National Day of the American Cowboy. I think our town has had a celebration the past couple of years. I have never gone into town to participate until today. Some friends of ours put together a team and entered the Ranch Rodeo. This is a rodeo reflection the more realistic practices of cowboys on ranches then a "normal" rodeo. What cowboy do you know on a ranch that has to ride a big ol' flanked out bull? Yep, me neither.

The events today were something along these lines:
- team penning
- roping
- wild horse riding
- wild cow milking
- doctoring
- pretend branding (the branding iron had paint on it)
- and other things that I obviously wasn't paying much attention to

It was fun to hang out with friends, take pictures (yep, I am loving that camera being back in my possession...working), and letting our kiddos run around and play. Unfortunately, since The Prairie Daddy is a rancher working a ranch he was unable to put his swather to rest and come to town with us. Bummer. I am hopeful that tonight he'll join us to go back to town for a BBQ and dance. Here are some fun pictures from the day:

Father and son during the National Anthem

The Prairie Kid's best friend and her daddy

The team we're rooting for
The Prairie Kid and his buddies had lots of energy to watch at the beginning
Our friend and his littlest cutie pie

The Cutie Pie up close and cowboy'd up

Pretend Branding
Tired Kiddos
Getting ready for another event...wild cow milking!

A brave cowgirl getting read to jump in and mild that nasty cow! She won!

One brave and tired cowgirl!
The Final Event: Wild Horse Riding
Guess what? Our friends won the whole thing! WAY TO GO GUYS!

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Amanda said...

Glad you took pictures. I really wanted to go, but we got up late and it would have been half over by the time we got there.